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Knight Hammer(also known as Night Hammer) is a black SSD made by Sander Delvardus in his quest to conquer the warlords, empire, and galaxy. covered in Stealth Armor(not to be confused with a cloaking device) this ship was possibly the most expensive project outside of death stars and superlaser star-dreadnoughts. after Delvardus's assasination at the hands of Natasi Daala, the ship was taken over by her and was the centerpiece of her campaign to crush the NR. after assuming control of the ship, she renamed it Knight Hammer. it was destroyed at the Battle of Yavin in 12 ABY.

History Edit

Eriadu and Kampe service Edit

during his quest for territory, power, and a cure for his mistress, Delvardus, then superior general of the Eriadu Authority, decided that the only way to best the warlords was a Super Dreadnought whose power the likes had never been established before. thus, he started the construction of Night Hammer, which was meant to be the final achivement of the empire. however, while the vessel was under construction, the New Republic launched the eastern reaches campaign, which coincided with the loss of support from Eriadu. with these two losses, Delvardus retreated his remaining forces, supplies, materials, and Night Hammer to Kampe, where he established the Kampe Authority.

Night Hammer would take another seven years to build, due to limited territory, resources, and constant conflicts with the neighbouring warlords, including Blitzer Harrsk. the construction was also delayed by Palpatine's return, when Delvardus threw everything he had into Operation: Shadowhand, where Palpatine would meet his doom and the empire would shatter. However, in 12ABY, the ship was finally ready. Covered in Stealth Armor, which meant it had double the usual armor, more modern tech, more redundant systems, less crew, bigger hangars, and more powerful weapons, Night Hammer was a force to be reckoned with. Had Delvardus not been killed by Natasi Daala, it is likely all the empire would have served him

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