2-M Saber Tank Ingame

The 2-M Saber-class Repulsor Tank, or 2-M for short, is a heavy vehicle available to the Imperial Remnant, Eriadu Authority and Zsinj's Empire in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of a Beam Cannon and a Laser Cannon.


Manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering, the 2-M Saber Tank was based on the design of the TX-130T Saber Tank (itself an upgraded version of the Clone Wars era TX-130). Built as a counter to the New Republic's deployment of the T2-B Tank, the 2-M was outfitted with a repulsorlift drive and deflector shields. Fast and heavily armed, the tanks were extremely successful. However, their expense and long periods of maintenance led to a limited use of the 2-M throughout the Galactic Civil War.

Use IngameEdit

The 2-M is the fast assault tank of the Imperial Remnant, Eriadu Authority and Zsinj's Empire. The only IR unit (save for the artillery unit SPMA-T) with a 360° firing arc, the 2-M can flank enemy units and open up with a surprising amount of firepower for a tank its size. The 2-M excels in groups of 8 or so against anti-infantry tanks. Another strategy is to bring in 9 squadrons of 2-Ms and 1 squad of infantry(for map control) and use mass-firepower to demolish anything in their way.

The main weakness of the 2-M is a relatively low armor value. While the shields hold for a while and do recharge, once they have fallen a few laser blasts will destroy it. In order to compensate, the 2-M should be kept moving. In short, the 2-M is a light strike tank excellent against light vehicles and hit-and-run tactics.