B-Wing is NR's starfighters/bombers equipped with laser cannons and proton torpedoes. It is good at both roles being able to engage both enemy bombers and larger ships alike. It is available in eras 1-5.

History Edit

The development of the B-wing began shortly after the Battle of Yavin . Working under Ackbar's direction, Slayn & Korpil produced the first prototypes of the B-wing starfighter in the Roche asteroid field. The starfighters were later employed by the Rebel Alliance in many battles including the famous battle of Endor where these ships took down several ISDs. B-wings continued to serve in the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic and Galactic Alliance fleets as a heavy assault starfighter.

Uses Ingame Edit

B-Wing is one of the best starfighters in the mod, being multirole and faster than most bombers. It is also heavily armored and has good shields, thus increasing it's survivial chances against anti-fighter units. Compared to other starfighters like the X-Wing or E-Wing, it is not as good in dogfighting nor as good as the K-Wing in attacking capital ships. B-Wings can be countered with anti-starfighter ships or starfighters. The IR counterpart is the multirole Tie Defender.