The Allegiance-class battlecruiser was a large warship in the Imperial Navy. Like other vessels in the long-running Star Destroyer design family, it was marked by a distinct wedge-shape. It is similar to the Tector-class Star Destroyer as they both lack hangars and were designed for ship to ship combat. However, the Allegiance-class is much larger and is equipped with much more turbolaser batteries and ion cannons which allow them to devastate almost any warship in the mod. This battlecruiser is available to Warlord Zsinj's Empire, Greater Maldrood and the Imperial Remnant.

Strategy Edit

Due to the huge population cost of this warship (11 pop cap), you cannot field more than 4 or 5 at once and it is better to have them supported rather than facing the enemy alone. With their superior firepower, they are capable of fighting 2 Imperial 2-class Star destroyers and emerging victorious. But due to their lack of hangars, they must rely on other ships to protect them from hostile bombers.

Counter Edit

While they may seems intimidating with their huge size and firepower, they have a glaring weakness called the fighter/bomber spam. Large numbers of bombers and/or fighters can overwhelm their defenses and destroy these Battlecruisers without any problem.

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