Bantha-II Cargo Skiff Ingame

The Bantha-II Cargo Skiff is a light vehicle available to the Pentastar Alignment and Greater Maldrood in all five eras. It is armed with two blaster cannons.


Due to the extremely low price tag, Ubrikkian Industries sold thousands of Bantha-IIs to even the poorest of worlds as cargo and personnel transports. Crime syndicates also purchased these skiffs, modifying them with rotating blaster turrets and reinforced armor. Many governments used the skiffs as troop transports during times of war.

In an effort to rebuild military strength, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine annexed any combat-worthy militia and civilian vehicles. Among the units were many Bantha-IIs formerly in service to various Outer Rim organizations. These were primarily used to garrison Pentastar worlds, freeing more competent units to serve at the front lines.

Use IngameEdit

Never use these units. They are weak and slow, and not even cheap enough to warrant mass production. If a cheap garrison unit is needed, though, then purchasing them may be feasible. Generally avoid this unit at all costs.