Captain Brandei

Brandei is an Imperial Remnant space hero in Era 2. He commands the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Judicator.


Born on Mantooine in 45 BBY, Brandei personally witnessed the fall of the Galactic Republic. When he joined the Imperial Naval Academy (possibly on Raithal), his status as a cadet from the Outer Rim made him a target of discrimination by his superiors. Despite this, his academy training imbued him with an air of purpose and confidence, and he made his mark on the Imperial military in spite of the initial prejudice.

After graduating, Brandei spent much of his career aboard the Star Destroyer Judicator, assigned to the Core Worlds embracing Garos IV. By 3 ABY, he had advanced to the rank of commander, assigned to the Star Destroyer Executor and in charge of the overall combat readiness of the dreadnought's 12 TIE squadrons. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Brandei was reassigned to the Judicator, aboard which he apparently served during the fateful Battle of Endor. By 6 ABY, New Republic Intelligence believed he had been promoted further shortly afterwards.

Around three years after the Battle of Endor, Brandei (now captain of the Judicator) made several trips back to Garos IV to oversee shipments of a Garosian ore that was used in Imperial cloaking technology. Around this time he also began intensely studying the "Rebellion" and how it could be defeated.

Upon the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Brandei served in his personal armada, leading a successful assault on Nkllon as well as being present at the location of the Katana Fleet. Following the Emperor's final death and the fragmentation of the Empire, Brandei settled his forces on Janara III. In 12 ABY, the Judicator intercepted and apprehended Blue Squadron's X-wing starfighters, but a successful New Republic task force rescued them and forced Brandei to abandon the planet.

Use IngameEdit

Brandei is not at all a unique hero. He commands an ISD-I, and has no fleet commander bonuses. However, in Era 2, the ISD-I still can be quite a threat to New Republic battle lines. Use him like one would any capital ship, and if trying not to lose any heroes simply keep him escorted by other ships. All-in-all, Brandei may not be the best hero, but he is a free capital ship.

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