Century Tank Ingame

The Century Tank, also known as the TIE Crawler or TIE Tank, is a heavy vehicle available to the Imperial Remnant and Pentastar Alignment in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 2 Blaster Cannons and 1 Light Turbolaser Cannon.


An earlier version of the Century tank, the TIE AP-1, saw some action during the Galactic Civil War, it was not until after the Battle of Endor that the Crawler was released. The Century tank was the first new design to roll out of the newly liberated Santhe/Sienar Technologies in the turbulent post-Endor years. Santhe remained neutral through the war, still supplying TIE Fighters to the Imperial warlords, but on their terms. The TIE Crawler was seen as a way to break into the Kuat and Rothana-dominated ground vehicle market, conceived as a relatively inexpensive compact assault vehicle. By reusing many of the design characteristics of the TIE series starfighters, cost and training time were cut substantially. A retractable Light Turbolaser, in addition to the 2 Blaster Cannons, made the Crawler a formidably armed tank. The cheap design meant that the floundering Imperial Remnant and squabbling Warlords would make heavy use of them throughout the Imperial Civil War.

Use IngameEdit

The Century Tank is a cheap, heavily armed heavy vehicle that the Imperial Remnant can field. Costing only 180 credits they can be mass produced for extremely cheap prices. The Pentastar Alignment gets an added bonus as Sienar Fleet Systems gives a price reduction on the TIE Crawler. They are also one of the most heavily armored heavy vehicles in the game, so they can outlast their enemy. Offensively, they have 2 fast firing blaster cannons that can serve as anti-infantry and anti-light weapons, as well as a slow-firing light turbolaser that can deal heavy damage to any vehicle.

The Century Tank has no real weaknesses, except that it is not extremely fast like the New Republic counterpart (the Armored Freerunner). In short, the Century Tank is a cheap yet strong heavy vehicle that can outlast most units it cannot outgun.

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