The Corona-class Frigate is a light Frigate available to the New Republic during eras 4 and 5. It is armed with 4/1 Ion Cannon, 10/2 Turbolasers, and 10/2 Laser Cannons.

History Edit

As the Rebel Alliance transitioned into the New Republic, the need for a true standardized naval fleet became ever paramount. It's ragtag fleet of pulled together ships, mostly from civilian ships or stolen or black market purchase; the Republic was finally able to commission ships for it's new Navy. Designed by Kuat Drive Yards, the Corona-class frigate was patterned after the EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, which had been a successful design for the company. The basic configuration of the Corona-class resembled the layout of the Nebulon-B, with a forward section connected to the drive unit by a central spar. The fore section extended down from the main body of the frigate, while the central spar had been thickened from the original Nebulon-B design to provide extra protection. The drive unit housed the main engines, with a stabilizing fin extending from the lower part of the section on either side. The vessels were built with tougher armor and hulls to withstand the rigors of ship combat as being a replacement for the New Republics older and more vulnerable frigates. Compact and tough, the vessel traded endurance for power and performance.

Use In-game Edit

The Corona-class Frigate is the best light Frigate available to the New Republic. Its sheer resilience and the ability to field 2 squadrons of E-Wings and 1 Defender squadron mitigate the lack of heavy firepower from the frigate, itself. With a strong shield, high recharge, power-to-shields, and a lack of targetable Hardpoints, the Corona can run a fleet line of several heavy capital ships and come out on the other side, somewhat alive. However, the Corona's most noticeable feat is its immunity to torpedo attacks.

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