The Corona-class Frigate is a light Frigate available to the New Republic during eras 4 and 5. It is armed with 4/1 Ion Cannon, 10/2 Turbolasers, and 10/2 Laser Cannons.

History Edit

Designed by Kuat Drive Yards, the Corona-class frigate was patterned after the EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, which had been a successful design for the company. The basic configuration of the Corona-class resembled the layout of the Nebulon-B, with a forward section connected to the drive unit by a central spar. The fore section extended down from the main body of the frigate, while the central spar had been thickened from the original Nebulon-B design to provide extra protection. The drive unit housed the main engines, with a stabilizing fin extending from the lower part of the section on either side.

Use In-game Edit

The Corona-class Frigate is the best light Frigate available to the New Republic. While it's lacking in firepower, it does makes up for this in sheer resilience. With a strong shield, high recharge, power-to-shields, and a lack of targetable Hardpoints, the Corona can run a fleet line of several heavy capital ships and come out on the other side, somewhat alive. However, the Corona's most noticeable feat is its immunity to torpedo attacks.

In-Game Statistics Edit

Stats(to be added) Edit

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