E-Web Ingame

The E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster is an infantry unit available to the Imperial Remnant and Greater Maldrood in Eras 1–5. There are four blasters per company.


The E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster was the heaviest blaster cannon hat could be transported by infantry. While mobile, it had to be rigidly mounted to counteract its incredible firepower. It normally took a long setup time and required two men to operate: one manned the gun, the other monitored and adjusted the Eksoan Class-4T3 power generator. If the generator was started cold, setup could take up to fifteen minutes. Some crews pre-charged the generator before use; if the second crew member carefully adjusted the power flow to prevent potentially explosive power surges, a pre-charged E-Web could be set up in a matter of seconds.

These weapons were used often by the Galactic Empire. On worlds where the Empire could not afford to place a large garrison, several E-Web crews could take the place of an entire platoon of stormtroopers.

Use IngameEdit

The E-Web repeating blaster is an infantry unit for the Imperial Remnant and Greater Maldrood. They are relatively slow for infantry and are easily killed when in the mobile phase. As they are unarmed when mobile, they must be guarded at all times. However, when they deploy to fire they become a hard-hitting anti-infantry turret.

The E-Web acts more as a line holder for these factions; push these forward as a vanguard, then deploy the and move the rest of the squad forward. Pair these with SPMA-Ts for anti-armor and you have a lethal combo. These also serve well in chokepoints as a massacring machine of death or in a defensive situation.