Star Wars Empire at War FoC Thrawns Revenge Eclipse vs Executor

Star Wars Empire at War FoC Thrawns Revenge Eclipse vs Executor


Eclipse-class Dreadnought Ingame

The Eclipse-class Dreadnought is a Super-capital Ship commanded by Imperial Remnant leader Palpatine in Era 3. It carries an armament of 540/54 Turbolasers, 340/34 Heavy Turbolasers, 100/10 Ion Cannons, a Gravity Well Generator and one of the most destructive weapons in the game with an Axial Super Laser capable of destroying any opposing ships with a single shot.


The two existing Eclipse dreadnoughts began production early in the Galactic Civil War, around Year 0. Intending to be part of the next generation of Super Star Destroyer, one was built by KDY while the other was built over Byss. Meanwhile, the testbed for the Eclipse was turned into the battlestation Tarkin. This was destroyed by a group of Rebel insurgents in 3 ABY without their realizing the significance of what it represented. By 4 ABY, both models had functioning superlasers. However, the completion of these Dreadnoughts was delayed by the death of the Emperor and the ensuing power vacuum.

Forces loyal to Palpatine recovered the Eclipse over Kuat after crime lord Tyber Zann left it adrift and took it to Byss for completion. Construction of the two Dreadnoughts took almost as long as construction of the Death Stars. Upon their completion, they became the Emperor's flagships. The Eclipse I was destroyed in 10 ABY when the Reborn Palpatine lost control of the dark side force storm he had summoned to destroy the New Republic fleet. Its sister ship, the Eclipse II, was destroyed when R2-D2 hacked its computer and sent it on a collision course with the Galaxy Gun.

Use IngameEdit

The Eclipse is a Super Star Destroyer, and thus is used (and destroyed) in a similar method to the Executor-class. It can also be defeated with similar strategies. However, it has the added benefit of having an axial superlaser which can destroy any unit in one shot and a gravity well generator to prevent enemy escape. The superlaser should be used against high-priority targets such as heroes, other Dreadnoughts, or Golan III's. The Eclipse carries a fearsome compliment of 54 fighter squadrons, released slowly over time.

The primary weakness of the Eclipse is its lack of immediate fighter support and the fact that it is a hero unit. In fact, being the flagship of the Imperial Remnant leader, it is one of the most important units in the game. Do not lose this ship unless you intend to continue into the next era. Be aware, however, that you are much weaker in the final two eras.