Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser Ingame

The Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser is a Pentastar Alignment Light Frigate available galaxywide in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 30/3 Turbolasers, 6/2 Ion Cannons, and 2/2 Quad Laser Cannons.


The Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser was designed by Sienar Fleet Systems and Kuat Drive Yards engineers located within Pentastar borders at the behest of Grand Moff Ardus Kaine himself out of a desire to quickly rebuild fleet strength. Using the same hull as the Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser and Immobilizer 418 Cruisers, it was discovered that by rearranging the power grids the weapons, shields and engine output could be significantly increased. The result was a fast and maneuverable ship that was well armed for its size.

Although technically a picket, the Enforcer became a mainstay of the Pentastar fleet, as recognizable as the Star Destroyer of the Imperial Remnant or the X-wing of the New Republic. During the formative years of the Alignment as Kaine's resource-strapped economy struggled to establish itself, these ships were often sent in pairs. As Kaine's forces grew, this strategy continued only on a larger scale. It was not uncommon to see four to six Enforcers working in tandem.

Use IngameEdit

The Enforcer-class Picket Cruiser sums up the Faction Identity of the Pentastar Alignment quite well. Much as the Imperial Star Destroyer (focus on capital ship warfare and quantity at the expense of quality), the X-wing (focus on survivability and quality at the expense of quantity), and the Ascendancy-class Star Destroyer (an offensive, fast moving fleet that at times sacrifices durability) all aptly fit the description of their respective factions, the Enforcer has something to say about the Pentastar: reuse and upgrade older technology so that it can be as effective as possible while also conserving costs. The Enforcer is a multirole ship: it carries Turbolasers and Ion Cannons for ship-to-ship combat as well as Quad Laser Cannons for antifighter duties. It excels at both of these, especially when used in groups.

The main weakness of the Enforcer is its lack of a hangar. It cannot field any fighters or bombers of its own. However, pairing a group of equal parts Enforcers and Vindicators is extremely effective. Vindicators carry a squadron of fighters and a squadron of bombers, and are more designed for anti-capital ship duty. This matchup has proven extremely effective time after time. In short, the Enforcer is a very competent multi-role craft that in the right hands can wreak havoc on the enemy.