This is a playable faction in the upcoming 2.2 update.

History Edit

Although the Eriadu Authority's reign outside of the Deep Core was short lived, for a brief time it controlled some of the richest parts of the galaxy outside the core, centered around Eriadu (home to the wealthy Tarkin family) and the Seswanna Sector, with territory up and down the Rimma Trade Route and Hydian Way. Delvardus was initially fairly successful in the establishment of his Empire. Along with these wealthy planets, he managed to recruit the likes of General Maximillian Veers and the remainder of Blizzard Force, afterwards granting himself the (rather irksome to Veers) title of Superior General.His ambition would soon become the cause of his undoing; when Delvardus launched an assault against Sullust, Sullustan Captain Sien Sovv, who would go on to succeed Admiral Ackbar as the Supreme Commander of the New Republic and Galactic Alliance Fleet during the Yuuzhan Vong War, took his forces to aid his homeworld. With the cooperation of Admiral Firmus Nantz and the First Fleet, Sovv was able to not only drive off the assault on Sullust, but launch a campaign which ended with Delvardus forced into the Deep Core and the elimination of other warlord groups such as Prentioch's Dominion in the Western Reaches.

Galactic Conquest Edit

Era: I, III-IV

Era I GC: Edit

Endor Aftermath: The battle of Endor has left the Empire in shambles, caused infighting within its political and military branches and allowing the New Republic to make several key gains. The Pentastar Alignment, Zsinj, Eriadu Authority and Greater Maldrood all hope to establish themselves as the legitimate successors to the Empire, and have the benefit of starting with their territory already consolidated.

Capital - Eriadu

Era III GC: Edit

Operation Shadow Hand: Since the Battle of Endor, Imperial forces would occasionally mysteriously disappear, leaving no records of their destination. In fact, these forces were being called to the new fleet of Emperor Palpatine, whose spirit had survived in a clone body. After Thrawn's defeat, Palpatine eventually reunited all of his former Imperial forces. The three massive Deep Core fleets comprised of multiple types of Star Dreadnaughts and their support ships struck outward while Kaine and Teradoc attacked from their respective holdings towards the core, catching the New Republic off guard and quickly reclaiming massive amounts of territory. The Imperials quickly fell to infighting, however Palpatine paid this no mind and instead continued with his campaign using new new types of superweapons; the Eclipse and the World Devastator.

While not playable they will emerge after Palpatine is killed

Crimson Empire: The Empire has once again broken down into Warlordism. As the New Republic tries to regain its footing from before Shadow Hand, Carnor Jax is attempting to gain control of what's left under the Ruling Council's control. Warlord infighting is also at an all-time high, with long-time rivals Harrsk, Teradoc and Delvardus at each other's throats in the core. With Kaine's death in Shadow Hand, the Pentastar Alignment has also begun to fracture and succumb to outside pressure.

Capital - Kampe

Era IV GC: Edit

No Info

Heroes Edit

Superior General Sander Delvardus

No Info

Units Edit

Space Unit Roster Executor ISDI, ISDII, Tector, Torpedo Sphere, Praetor II, Interdictor VSDI, VSDII, Class-II, Strike Cruiser, Acclamator Vigil, Gladiator, Bayonet, Escort Carrier, Ton-Falk, Carrack Unique Fighters: TIE Hunter

Ground Unit Roster AT-AT, A6 Juggernaut, A9 Floating Fortress, SPMAT AT-ST, IDT, AT-AA, U-LAV, Imperial Escort Fighter, 2M Saber Tank Stormtroopers, Shock Troopers, Storm Commando, E-Web, Specialist

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