Furion Starfighter In-game

Furion Starfighter In-game.

The Furion-class Assault Bomber is an Empire of the Hand fighter/bomber available in Eras 3-5. It is armed with 2 Maser Cannons and 2 Concussion Missile launchers.


For an Empire of the Hand fighter, it is slow compared to other similar sized ships such as the Nssis-class Clawcraft, it was designed to slowly phase out the aging Syca-class Bomber. Wielding weapons that are identical to New Republics A-wing Starfighter, Furions could wreak havoc among enemy fighters despite its less than impressive speed. However, this class of fighter would only be stationed on few Capital Ships and in short numbers.

Use IngameEdit

Although its speed does let it down, the Furion excels at taking out other fighters, even more so in groups and can be seen as the EotHs equivalent of the Imperial Remnants TIE Defender. But despite its decent offensive capabilities, only Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyers are able to deploy a single squadron each.

However like all EotH fighters, they can be built individually meaning that these fighters can be used en-masse and can be a very quick cure for any Executor-class Star Dreadnoughts that the player were to stumble across. And if that were to happen, the space bonus provided by Soontir Fel can definitely help the battle end quicker (quite literally as Fel provides a 15% speed increase to all fighters and bombers). In short, the Furion-class Assault Bomber is a slow but effective fighter-killer and light bomber.