Admiral Ackbar

Admiral Gial Ackbar is a New Republic Hero in Era's 1-5. He commands Home One in Eras 1 and 2, then commanding a MC90 Star Cruiser (Known as The Galactic Voyager) in Eras 3-5. This makes him as one of the unique heroes who can return after death, provided he dies in Eras 1 or 2, to return in 3.

Biography Edit

A native of Mon Calamari who served as a bodyguard and tactician of the prince during the Clone Wars. Designer of the B-Wing, and uncle of Jesmin of Wraith Squadron, as well as Cilghal of the New Jedi Order and the New Republic Senate. After the declaration of a New Order he led his own rebellion to free the Mon Calamari and succeeded for a little while until being enslaved once again, and was given to Grand Moff Tarkin as a gift. From there he acquired a deep knowledge of Imperial tactics and plans, using that against the Empire to warn the Rebels. He was serving the Rebels directly from to and through the Battle of Yavin, being a key coordinator and commander of the Battle of Endor. Afterward he continued to be a key part of the New Republic, being on the security council, assisting against Warlords, including fighting Thrawn, and personally defending Mon Calamari against the Reborn Emperor.

Use Ingame Edit

While the Home One is stronger than a Liberty Class ship, it still carries a weaker armament and is still not as sturdy, fighter filled, and effective as the MC80B. Power to shields helps with his bonus to give himself longer survivability facing ISD2s, while focus fire can be both beneficial and bad for targeting big ships at an instant, such as a Praetor or SSD. In the Galactic Voyager, he's just a fleet bonus-giving MC90, which is nice to have free. His bonuses are a deal breaker, giving a +25% health and +10% shield increase in combat, while not at great as Garm Bel Iblis', make any fleet much stronger defensively. He additionally grants a 25% discount for building shipyards and capital level ships, letting the New Republic field together more defenses and shipyards, which can be useful for making more defensive fleets and production ability, especially in Era 5 with the Viscount.