Battle Dragon Ingame

Battle Dragon ingame.

The Hapan Battle Dragon is a Hapes Consortium heavy frigate. These ships can be obtained as the conglomerate New Republic faction in Hunt for Zsinj. Also, two of these ships can be acquired by capturing Hapes. It is armed with 40/4 Turbolasers, 40/4 Ion Cannons, 2/1 Trions, and 10/1 Proton Torpedo Launchers. Prince Isolder commands an oversized Battle Dragon, the Song of War, with twice the standard armament.


Battle Dragon

Battle Dragon, main ship of the Hapes Consortium fleet.

At 500 meters in length (a little under a third the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer), the Hapan Battle Dragon was the primary capital ship of the Hapes Consortium, often supported by Nova-class Battle Cruisers. The Hapan fleet under Isolder contained a minimum of 63 Battle Dragons, with one representing each Hapan world.

The Battle Dragon contained two major flaws. First, the drive section could be easily disabled, crippling the vessel and preventing it from escaping. Second, they had few Targeting Computers, meaning they were ineffectual when not in large groups.

Battle Dragon strategy consisted of dropping the shields of a ship using concerted ion cannon fire, then unloading on the hull with salvos of proton torpedoes. This strategy was in part brought on by the Hapans relative isolation: while their ion weaponry was as effective, of not better than the galaxy at large, their Turbolaser technology lagged considerably, with each cannon having a long reload time. To compensate, the weapons were placed on a rotating "conveyer belt", allowing fresh guns to be brought to bear at all times. During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Hapan battleships would be refitted with modern Turbolaser technology; Gilad Pellaeon would outfit many of these ships with updated technology during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Use IngameEdit

The Hapan Battle Dragon is an extremely effective heavy frigate. Being a Hapan ship its Turbolasers take about twice as long to recharge; however, it has twice the ion weaponry of any other ship in the anti-Zsinj Taskforce (excluding the Imperial Star Destroyer). This makes it an effective shield stripping unit; at 2 population points and the same price as the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser and the EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, it is a deal.

These ships do well both as part of a combined fleet or en masse: their relatively strong shielding, complement of decent fighters, and proton torpedo banks mean that the more are in a battle at once, the greater each ship's damage potential will be.