Imperial Dropship Transport Ingame

The Imperial Dropship Transport, or IDT, is an Imperial Remnant heavy vehicle available in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 2 Laser Cannons and a Missile Launcher.


The spiritual successor of the Republic LAAT, the Imperial Dropship Transport was manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering. Like the MAAT and RaDAir speeder, the IDT shared many design characteristics with its older cousin; although the IDT was smaller than the LAAT. It was used by the Empire to quickly transport shock troopers to dangerous locations on the battlefield. One notable use of the IDT was in the hunt for the rogue Dark Side Adept Galen Marek (and later his clone). As the Imperial Civil War dragged on and the Imperial Remnant found a need to conserve its ground troops, gunships of this class would see continued use to deploy infantry into and out of combat.

Use IngameEdit

The IDT is the Imperial Remnant's air unit and light carrier. It can hold two units of infantry, is fast, and is relatively well-armored. Its own weaponry is far from amazing, however it is capable of standing its ground against most light vehicles. The IDT's primary utility is in map control. It can quickly transport troops to bunkers, build pads, reinforcement points, and chokepoints much faster than the infantry can on their own. Putting down some E-Webs to hold the line, then PLEX and NovaTroopers to punch through the enemy's defenses can be extremely effective, especially when entering from an unexpected direction.

The primary weakness of the IDT is its lack of offensive weaponry. It is much more of a strictly support vehicle than an assault transport like the LAAT/i. In short, the IDT is a combat support transport used for map control and infantry deployment.

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