ISP Ingame

The Infantry Support Platform, or ISP, is a Pentastar Alignment and Greater Maldrood light vehicle available in all eras. It can also be obtained by the other playable factions by capturing an Abandoned Rebel Heavy Vehicle Factory. It is armed with two laser cannons.


Towards the end of the Clone Wars, a series of specialized ape elders were produced to increase combat efficiency in any environment. The ISP was one of these: a two man, more heavily-armored version of the BARC speeder. Its most notable use was during the Battle of Kashyyyk. After the Clone Wars, the ISP was used by both the Galactic Empire and the Rebellion. Local militias and pirate forces would also acquire these units.

As the resource-strapped Pentastar Alignment struggled to reassert a strong military presence after the Emperor's death, units such as the ISP were brought back to active duty. Their deadly anti-infantry capabilities made them useful in quelling planetary uprisings and as part of the Alignment's light strike force.

Use IngameEdit

The ISP is an extremely effective anti-infantry unit, on par with the TIE ap-1 in terms of offensive power. Their speed makes them a useful hit-and-run unit, able to be paired with other agile units like the TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank. They also make good garrison units, especially against early game New Republic infantry rushes. The only drawback is their weak hulls, but the cheap cost of replacement balances it out.