Chariot Ingame

The Light Assault Vehicle/repulsorlift QH-7 Chariot (or Chariot for short) is a light vehicle available to the Imperial Remnant in Eras 1–5. It is armed with 2 Blaster Cannons.


Produced by Uulshos Manufacturing, the Chariot was a lightly armed command speeder issued to battlefield commanders. It allowed a commander to quickly be transported to and from the battle lines while also providing moderate protection. Armed with a laser cannon and only moderately armored, the Chariot was designed for rear echelon duty and surrounding vehicles were expected to protect it. Later, the Empire would replace the forward-mounted laser cannon with a swivel gun.

Use IngameEdit

The Chariot is a useless, redundant vehicle. It is under-armed, under-protected, and has no features to make it really useful (unlike the weak Mauler that is also a suicide bomb). It can hardly hold its own against enemy infantry. It is quick, so it can be used as a scout, but Scout Troopers are better for this duty. It is the only useless unit in the mod, and is rarely ever used.