LAAT/i Ingame

1The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, often abbreviated LAAT/i, or colloquially known as the Larty, is a Pentastar Alignment and Greater Maldrood heavy vehicle. It carries an armament of 4 Beam Cannons, 2 Laser Cannons, and a Missile launcher.


Odionate forces used a very similar gunship almost 1000 years before the Clone Wars. The modern LAAT was the product of years of Kaminoan design. Featuring a new ion repeater beam weapon system as well as the ability to hold 30 troops, the LAAT served both as a transport and a mobile gun platform. It first saw combat in the First Battle of Geonosis, where it proved invaluable as it rescued Jedi, disabled Lucrehulk-class core ships, and assisted the ground-based AT-TE in clearing out Separatist armoured units. They would prove so pivotal in the war effort that the Separatists unveiled similar vehicles (the MAF and HMP). Upon the birth of the Empire, the remaining gunships were assimilated into the Imperial Army. Over time, however, the LAAT would be phased out in favor of more modern designs, such as the MAAT and IDT. They would later fall into various anti-Imperial factions (such as the Alliance to Restore the Republic).

Many of the "obsolete" gunships were sent to the Outer Rim, where they served alongside other Republic technology. Upon the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine broke away from the Empire to form the Pentastar Alignment. Realizing the amazing combat potential the LAAT/i still possessed, he quickly began production of the gunship once more to solidify his control over the sector.

Use IngameEdit

At first glance, the LAAT/i may seem to be exactly the same as the more modern IDT. If anything, being an old design it might even be inferior. They are both aerial troop transports that can carry 2 units, and they are both heavy vehicles. The similarities end here, however. Whereas the IDT functions solely as a troop transport with supporting firepower, the LAAT is a fully-fledged gunship. The four beam cannons mean all the difference in the world, as they provide continuous firepower at multiple targets. They are perfectly at home flying head first into the fray and wiping out the opposition.