Munificent-class Star Frigate Ingame

The Munificent-class Star Frigate is a Light Frigate available to the Pentastar Alignment in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 20/4 Medium Turbolasers, 24/4 Dual Turbolasers, 2/1 Heavy Turbolasers, and 2/1 Heavy Ion Cannons.


Manufactured by Hoersch-Kessel Drive and Gwori Revolutionary Industries, the Munificent was designed for the InterGalactic Banking Clan to secure their interests and harass worlds in debt. Armed with oversized guns, the ship also had an advanced sensor and communications array. When the Banking Clan joined the Confederacy of Independant Systems, San Hill devoted an entire fleet to he cause. They became the backbone of the Seperatist navy, with tens of thousands produced. The advanced communication and sensors were used to coordinate fleets deep in enemy space and broadcast anti-Republic propaganda. Towards the end of the war, thousands of Munificents participated in the Battle of Coruscant.

After the Clone Wars, many crews took their Munificents past the reach of the Galactic Empire as pirates and mercenaries. Some eventually fell into the hands of the Rebel Alliance, where they were heavily modified. After the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Banking Clan found itself under the control of Grand Moff Ardus Kaine's breakaway Pentastar Alignment. In an effort to quickly restore fleet capacity, Kaine once again commissioned the production of the Munificent-class, albeit with slight modifications to allow a fighter compliment.

Use IngameEdit

The Munificent is the second of four light frigates unique to the Pentastar Alignment. While the Enforcer is mainly an antifighter/anti-light frigate ship, the Munificent is designed purely for assault. The weapons systems on the Munificent are nearly equal to that of the Imperial Remnant's Strike Cruiser. Though it only sports 2 Heavy Ion Cannons to disrupt shields (in comparison to the Strike Cruiser's 20 Ion Cannons), the Munificent carries something far more deadly. In its hangar, it carries two squadrons of the heaviest multirole fighters in the game: the GAT-12 Skipray Blastboat. Their torpedoes and ion cannons can help rip through the enemy shields and hull for the Munificent.

The primary weaknesses of the Munificent are its lack of fighter defense and weak overall defense. While Skiprays are good, they lack the speed and maneuverability of any other fighters in the game. Overall, they can be utilised to take out antifighter corvettes while your capital ships focus on more threatening foes and as glass cannons to take out space stations while the heavier ships slug it out with the enemy fleet.