Preybird-class Starfighter Ingame

The Preybird-class Starfighter is an Imperial Remnant starfighter available in Era 5. It carries an armament of 2 Heavy Laser Cannons and 2 Concussion Missiles.


The Preybird was designed by SoroSuub Corporation a few years before the Battle of Endor. Created as an escort starfighter, it was heavily armored and armed. Although sufficiently fast for a ship its size, it lacked the maneuverability of the concurrent TIE/LN and X-wing Starfighters. Disputes over the weapons systems led to substantial cost overruns, and the production lines were halted. Only a few ever made it off the assembly lines, with most falling into the hands of pirates or smugglers like Mazzic.

Late in the Galactic Civil War, the Preybird found a belated use as a front-line starfighter for the Imperial Remnant, to supplement its attrited TIE Fighter forces. The move was seen as a sign that the Imperial position was weakening; this sense of decline was compounded by the fact that no one really knew where the ships were coming from: SoroSuub was sold exclusively to the New Republic and more Preybirds than were ever produced were falling into Imperial hands. In reality, the Preybirds were sourced as part of a corrupt scam between Moff Disra and the banker Lord Graemon; illegally being constructed by the Cavrilhu Pirates for them. The scandal was uncovered in 19 ABY, and while the Preybird would not have immediately disappeared it is uncertain whether it remained in the Imperial lines for long. Whatever the case, few or no Preybirds were seen during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The Preybird is the final non-TIE series starfighter that the Imperial Remnant receives in the final Era. Whereas the A-9 is all about speed and the I-7 focuses on maneuverability, the Preybird is about durability and firepower. While not as fast or agile as newer starfighters, it packs quite a punch with the Heavy Laser Cannons, and the Concussion Missiles rip through starfighters. The fact that it has the Missiles means it can also function as a light bomber. Shielded and equipped with a hyperdrive, it can survive a few hits from an enemy and retreat if the situation looks grim.

The main weaknesses of the Preybird are its limited maneuverability and that it is only accessed in the late game. While a very competent fighter, it cannot dogfight well against the newer E-wing fighters, and must thus rely on doing the maximum damage on the first pass. In short, the Preybird is a dedicated assault fighter, designed to fly straight into enemy forces and cause as much havoc as possible.

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