Warlord Sander Delvardus

Sander Delvardus is an Imperial Remnant space hero available only in era 3. He commands the Thalassa, a Praetor Mark II-class Battlecruiser.


Sander Delvardus was an Imperial Admiral who worked under the direct command Grand Moff Ardus Kaine, and may of also of been an associate of General Maximilian Veers.

A member of the Tarkin family by marriage, Delvardus' true love belonged to a refugee aid worker. This romance was rocky and short-lived, as after a heated argument, Delvardus struck her with a dynamic hammer, rendering her unconscious. Guilt stricken, Delvardus did everything he could to revive his one true love, but to no avail. When Reborn Palpatine unified all warring Imperial factions, Delvardus came to him pleaded him to revive his mistress, to which Palpatine agreed in exchange for Delvardus' loyalty, military, and holdings; Delvardus was willing to trade his entire imperial faction just to have his mistress revived.

However, Palpatine died his final death at Onderon, with Delvardus' mistress still in a Sterile Med Chamber unconscious. Now fighting fellow Imperials once more, he took Colonel Ivan Cronus as his second-in-command, and began using massive amounts of funds to build the Night Hammer, an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. By doing this, Delvardus believed the Imperial Warlords would fall under his banner of unification.

Sander Delvardus attended the ill-fated talks at Tsoss Beacon, which resulted in his, and another 11 Deep Core Warlords, execution. Admiral Natasi Daala went to Delvardus' fortress world of Odik II to present the warlords dead body to Cronus, who later joined Daala and showed her where Delvardus was using is funds. Impressed with what she saw, the newly christened ''Knight Hammer'' was from that moment on Daalas flagship. At the Battle of Yavin IV however, the Knight Hammer was critically damaged and crashed into the gas giant of Yavin Prime. Delvardus' mistress' stasis chamber was onboard the Knight Hammer when it crashed, taking her to a permanent grave with Delvardus.

Use IngameEdit

Delvardus, when in combat, gives a 15% damage bonus. This bonus combined with the Praetor IIs heavy armament, makes him a formidable foe indeed. If pitted against him while playing as the New Republic, set him as your primary target for both your planetary Ion cannon and starfighters. This is also best employed by the Pentastar Alignment using its Hypervelocity guns if this battle were ever made apparent.

In the GC Reunification, Delvardus is one of the three Imperial Warlords who you must fight. If defeated, you will gain access to a valuable Heavy Frigate Shipyard and the services of Colonel Ivan Cronus who can build Crimson Command Victory II-class Star Destroyers, a major rise in military power.

Aside from this, Delvardus shares the same weakness with that of the Praetor IIs.