Scimitar Assault Bomber Ingame

The Scimitar Assault Bomber is a starfighter available to the Imperial Remnant in Eras 2–5. It carries an armament of 2 Laser Cannons and 4 Concussion Missiles.


Developed by Grand Admiral Thrawn with insight from the Empire's elite Scimitar Bomber Wing, the Scimitar was designed as a next generation TIE/sa Bomber. Faster than any previous bomber and equipped with shields, an optional hyperdrive, and a detachable escape pod; everything about the craft was to protect its pilot. It saw its heaviest use during Thrawn's campaign to retake the Core Worlds from the New Republic, bombing enemy planets into submission. These ships were still used during the Yuuzhan Vong War, with a full squadron being considered one of the Galactic Alliance's elite squadrons during the battle to retake Coruscant. Some also appeared in Natasi Daala's Maw Irregular Fleet.

Use IngameEdit

The Scimitar Assault Bomber can only be purchased as a hyperspace capable craft in Era 2. However, it appears in the complement of many ships in later Eras. Designed as a bomber, it should be treated very similar to the TIE/sa Bomber. It does have two advantages over its older cousin, though. First, it is shielded, protecting it a bit more from enemy fighters and corvettes. Second, instead of carrying Proton Torpedoes it carries Concussion Missiles. This makes it surprisingly effective against enemy fighter squads: it is capable of decimating them in a single run. In short, the Scimitar Assault Bomber should be treated very similar to any other Bomber, except that it is capable of antifighter duties as well.

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