Sycan Fleet Systems is one of the four Corporations in the mod and allows a cost and build-time reduction to specific ships and Vehicles only on the planet that the Corporation is built at. This Corporation can be built on the planet Syca and is only available for the Empire of the Hand.

Space UnitsEdit

These are the space units that are affected by the Sycan Fleet Systems Corporation:

Decimator-class Cruiser, Kariek-class Cruiser, Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyer, Syca-class Bomber, Syndic-class Destroyer, Warlord-class Gunboat.

Ground UnitsEdit

This Corporation doesn't provide a price/build-time reduction bonus for any ground unit.

Other NotesEdit

It is extremely useful to have this Corporation active when playing as the Empire of the Hand because Syca is their only Capital Shipyard planet at the beginning of every Galactic Conquest that features the EotH as a playable faction.

Unlike the Imperial Remnant, New Republic, and Pentastar Alignment, the EotHs Corporation can be built on a planet with 5 ground structure slots, meaning that in the unlikely event of a ground battle on Syca, the Corporation will be easier to defend with the additional two ground structures.