The T65 X-Wing Starfighter, or simply X-Wing, is a New Republic fighter available from Eras 1-5. Its armament consists of 4 laser cannons and 2 proton torpedo launchers.

History Edit

The X-Wing Intercom starfighter was a series of starfighters fielded by the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic, starting with the T-65 X-Wing, the original, and evolving to a total of nine primarily used versions by the Pellaon Gravisom Treaty, which was signed just before the rollout of the ninth primary version, the T-65XJ X-Wing. The original was given to the hands of the Rebel Alliance due to Incom defecting to prevent the powerful fighter from being given to the Empire and possibly replacing the aging T.I.E. Fighter, the 19 year old Clone Wars version, not the TIE/In. Afterwords it was used for the destruction of both Death Stars and as the primary fighter for the Rebellion. It served the same role, continually being upgraded, under the New Republic. The X-Wing was the preferred vehicle for Rogue Squadron due to being extremely versatile in use and unlikely to be shot down. It's upgraded variants were still used by Luke Skywalker, Rogue Squadron, Wedge Antilles, and even Luke Skywalker's Jedi.

Use Ingame Edit

The most numerous and basic craft of the New Republic, it's a very powerful fighter as well, capable of dog fighting well and bombing in the proper numbers. It's most prominent in Eras 1-3, where every ship up until the Era 3 unlocked capital ships will drop at least one X-Wing if it carries fighters. It's heavy armor and shielding protects it from most attacks, letting it come out on top of a dogfight. It performs multiple roles well, provided with enough micromanagement it can engage fighters, chase fighters, attack shuttles, intercept bombers, and run away from Interceptors all through closing the S-Foils. It is at its best for bombing with the S-Foils closed, as the torpedo fire rate is unaffected, anti-fighter craft have a harder time targeting it, and regular fighters do as well. Its weakness comes in the form of TIE-Interceptors, Hunters, Clawcraft, and any of the Imperial Remnant's shielded fighters.

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