TIE/D Automated Starfighter Ingame

The TIE/D Automated Starfighter, often called the TIE Droid, is a starfighter available to the Imperial Remnant in Era 3. It carries an armament of 2 Laser Cannons.


The TIE/D was initially developed by Warlord Arndall Lott. Sienar Fleet Systems designed it after the already successful TIE/LN, so design principles were quite similar. Lacking the need for a pilot allowed the TIE/D to have extra armor without losing speed. In fact, TIE/D's could match a TIE/IN in speed. General Lott's first attempt was to slave several drones to a single human pilot in a fashion similar to the Katana Fleet; its overall inefficiency and susceptibility to jamming necessitated a different approach.

The Droid Starfighters of the Confederacy of Independent Systems gave Imperial Scientists the basis for the next generation of automated fighter. Each ship would be fitted with a Droid Brain which could be updated with new tactics as needed. However, like the Droid Fighters of old, the TIE/D was often outwitted by human pilots. When the Reborn Emperor launched an assault on Mon Calamari, the World Devastators produced swarms of TIE Droids from the elements of the very world they were attacking. While the Imperials had the apparent advantage in numbers, human pilots began to outwit the droid brains. As the World Devastators were destroyed, the ability to produce TIE Droids was greatly reduced. These glaring issues led to the TIE Droid production line being abandoned after the Emperor's final death.

Use IngameEdit

The TIE Droid is one the standard fighters in the Imperial Remnant's roster during Era 3. There isn't a whole lot to say about them. They are just a faster TIE/LN with maybe the ability to withstand a couple extra hits from a fighter. Shieldless, weak, and underarmed, they are only really useful in large numbers. Thankfully for the Imperial Remnant, large numbers of starfighters is not a big issue. This is especially true in Era 3, as you have the ability to pump out the extremely effective MTC for quite a low cost. In short, the TIE/D is just a fancy TIE/LN, and should be treated as such.

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