TIE/IN Starfighter Ingame

The TIE/IN Starfighter, or TIE Interceptor, is a starfighter available to the Imperial Remnant and Pentastar Alignment in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 4 Laser Cannons.


After the disastrous loss of 286 TIE/LN Starfighters to the Lightspeed Panthers, the Empire realized the superiority of the Incom T-65 X-wing Starfighter and the need to produce a reliable counter to it. Another factor in its development was to have the power of the TIE/Advanced Starfighter but cheaper, as the Advanced was deemed too expensive to mass-produce. After the destruction of the First Death Star by the T-65, the Empire increased the rate of mass-production of these ships. Emperor Palpatine intended for the TIE/IN to completely replace the TIE/LN. By the Battle of Endor, 20% of the Empire's fighter force consisted of Interceptors.

The Interceptor was considered one of the best, if not the best fighter for dogfighting. It was used by such notable squads as the 181st and the 128th. Due to limited pilots and fighters, Grand Admiral Thrawn ordered shield generators to be installed on the TIE Interceptors of the Imperial Remnant. His practice continued after his death, as the Remnant could no longer afford to field mass numbers of fighters. Over 100 years later, the TIE/IN Starfighter would become the basis of the Predator-class fighter.

Use IngameEdit

The TIE Interceptor is one of the greatest starfighter assets for the Imperial Remnant and Pentastar Alignment. Carrying the same base armament as an X-wing Starfighter yet on a much more maneuverable frame, the Interceptor can shred through most opposing fighters. While the TIE Fighter must be fielded en masse in order to be effective, Interceptors are more than capable of fighting on a 1v1 (or even 1v2) basis. TIE Fighters should be sent as a meat shield to protect Bombers and destroy enemies by beating them down with several squadrons' firepower; TIE Interceptors should be used to actively hunt down and destroy the enemy forces.

The main weakness of the Interceptor is its lack of shielding. In later Eras against the New Republic (or any Era against the EotH) the Interceptor becomes a severely handicapped ship (a glass cannon fighter) against the higher-powered and well-shielded fighters they field. In short, the TIE Interceptor is a glass cannon starfighter which should be used in all occasions.

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