• Imperial warlord

    First blog

    February 21, 2014 by Imperial warlord

    First blog on this wiki, am I excited? Nope. ;)

    Anyway, just cleaned up a few links on the Preator page, there were literally none apart from the 3 at the bottom of the page. I might do this on any other page if its necessary. But its nothing major, its just cleaning up the page, making it look more 'professional' if thats a term anyone wants to use

    Also, I am heavily tempted to do all (or as many as I possibly can) New Republic heroes. But since hardly any of them ever die during this time period, their bios are pretty damn long which I bet is the exact reason why there are no NR hero pages here in the first place. I suppose you could just make the page, title it, have the bio contain the heroes wookiepedia page link in it instead of a mill…

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