First blog on this wiki, am I excited? Nope. ;)

Anyway, just cleaned up a few links on the Preator page, there were literally none apart from the 3 at the bottom of the page. I might do this on any other page if its necessary. But its nothing major, its just cleaning up the page, making it look more 'professional' if thats a term anyone wants to use

Also, I am heavily tempted to do all (or as many as I possibly can) New Republic heroes. But since hardly any of them ever die during this time period, their bios are pretty damn long which I bet is the exact reason why there are no NR hero pages here in the first place. I suppose you could just make the page, title it, have the bio contain the heroes wookiepedia page link in it instead of a million-word-essay, have the 'use ingame' section just allow people to share there tactics on the hero, and "bobs your uncle" as posh people I tragically know say (lol). But this idea screams 'laziness' a lot louder than 'good plan'. so you can see why I (or anyone else here) is hesitant to go anywhere NR heroes.

But, feel free to speak your mind on that topic, vote it down, agree with it, we're all entitled to our own opinions and ideas.

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