Wedge Antilles

Wedge Antilles is a space hero of the New Republic. He commands his own personal Super Star Destroyer, which he got after being promoted to general much later on in his career.

History Edit

Originally, he was the second-in-command of an elite starfighter unit, Rogue Squadron. After Luke Skywalker went on to become a jedi to battle Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine, Wedge became the new leader for the Rogues. He would become famous for surviving, not one, but two Death Star runs!

He was soon promoted to general by Gial Ackbar in 9 ABY, gaining his own capital ship in the process. Nine years later, in 18 ABY, he would become a Chief of Staff for the New Republic Starfighter Command before becoming the leader of Rogue Squadron once more.

One year on, in 19 ABY, Antilles retired after peace was acheived with the Imperial Remnant. He had served over twenty years in the Rebel Alliance/New Republic, ten of them when he was a general.

Overview Edit

He appears in eras 3-5 and commands the Lusankya: an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer that was captured from, former Director of Imperial Intelligence, Ysanne Isard.

He is the most powerful space hero of the New Republic as his SSD outclassed most New Republic ships (With the exception of the Viscount-class Star Defender: a counter to Executor-class SSDs). The Lusankya has two Alliance symbols on each side of its hull, reminding the galaxy that one of the most feared ships in the Imperial Remnant's arsenal was now under the safe control of the New Republic.

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